Pirate Treasure Mod for SIMS4

Pirate Treasure Mod for The Sims 4
Pirate Treasure Mod for Sims 4

Pirate Treasure is my take on treasure maps and buried treasure chests. Because beachcombing isn’t quite lucrative enough.

It adds a new type of treasure map, named ‘Pirate Treasure Map’, that is labeled with a location that refers to a specific Base Game or Island Living neighborhood. If you travel to that neighborhood, then click on the appropriate Pirate Treasure Map, your Sim will search for and find a dirt pile to dig up and find a Pirate Treasure chest. Opening the chest will give your Sim three Sulani treasure items, as well other potential bonuses if they have the Collector or Treasure Hunter trait.

You can find a pirate treasure map by beachcombing, digging up random dirt or sand piles (in any region), diving for treasure in the ocean in Sulani (you can also find a sunken treasure chest this way), or by exploring the cave near Mua Pel’am in Sulani. Also, pirate treasure chests that you find and open may have another pirate treasure map inside them. You can also buy the maps in build/buy mode.

Each pirate treasure map is labeled in the tooltip with a Location label that indicates where the treasure can be found. This location will be a specific Base Game or Island Living neighborhood.

To find the treasure, you go to any lot in the neighborhood indicated on the map, then click on the map in your inventory and select Find Pirate Treasure. Your Sim will look around for a moment, then a dirt pile will appear and your Sim will walk over to it. You can then dig up the dirt pile to find the treasure chest. Open it, and your Sim will receive the treasure inside.

What Is A Neighborhood?
In case you haven’t noticed it before, each cluster of lots in each region is labeled with a neighborhood name. You can view them by clicking on the little neighborhood icons on the map. You can walk between each of the lots in a neighborhood, such as within Willow Creek’s Foundry Cove or San Myshuno’s Spice District, but you cannot walk between different neighborhoods. This mod hides buried treasure in all 19 Base Game plus Island Living neighborhoods, including the parks and hidden lots.

Required Packs:
Island Living


Authors: Simsonian Library


Simsonian Library

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1 thought on “Pirate Treasure Mod”

  1. This sounds awesome! And it’ll make beach combing more interesting. I know that it’s more realistic than digging for treasure in Sims2, but heck, Sims4 has vampires and witches. It can take a bit more fun during beach combing.
    Thanks so much for this!

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