Married-For-Money for Sims 4

Married-For-Money for Sims 4
Married-For-Money for Sims 4


Edit of the married-for-money situation call from neighborhood stories

  • The duration is now 30 days
  • The outcome money is between 25k and 50k
  • Changed the requirements so occult sims can get the call
  • Changed the age to allow teens

If you don’t want to wait for the call you can give your sim this buff using a cheat
sims.add_buff CommunityCloseness_Inheritence_MarriedForMoney
If this doesn’t work MCCC cheats allows you to add a buff and just search for married for money

I used this for storytelling for my bachelorette competition

Let me know if you’d like any changes additions or different versions

Author: JungleSim

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