Download ZIS-36 1940 Truck MudRunner Mod

ZIS-36 1940 Truck for MudRunner
ZIS-36 1940 Truck for MudRunner

Experienced three-axle all-wheel drive truck ZIS-36 model 1940. It differs from the ZIS-6 with a slightly more powerful engine and, accordingly, a drive to all three axles. All parts (except for the cockpit) and add-ons are made by the author from scratch. Your sounds. Hoods and doors open at the cab, a cooling fan runs on the engine.

1) Loading platform. Allows you to transport 1 point of short logs, as well as a tanker and barrels of fuel for 2000 liters. The tailgate opens;
2) Two-axle trailer 2-P-2. Allows you to carry 1 point of short logs. The tailgate opens;
3) Konik and trailer-dissolution 1-APR-3. Allows you to carry 4 points of medium logs;
4) Trailer 1-AP-1. 1 garage point;

5) Garage parts (utility). 2 garage points;
6) PARM PM-5 (mobile workshop). 1000 repair points;
7) Spare. 100 repair points;
8) Tanker BZ-35. Holds 1400 liters of fuel. Has its own spare
9) Fifth wheel coupling and semi-trailer PP6. 4 garage points.

Cabin with texture and with my modifications, as well as the texture of the rim by Alexey Timoshenko (ruspartizan). Part of the textures: Tripwire Interactive.

The mod has 14 of its addons.

Author: Sergo

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ZiS-36_1940.7z (15 MB)
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