AM General M925 1984 Truck for MudRunner

AM General M925 1984 for MudRunner
AM General M925 1984 for MudRunner

Modification of the mod, has 5 of its add-ons and 4 default trailers, can carry 3, 3 + 3 points of cargo.

Changes From The Original:
✔ Reconfigured the suspension and balancer (now the balancer does not bounce when braking);
✔ Reduced the angle of rotation of the wheels;
✔ Reduced the speed of return of the steering wheel;
✔ The missing sounds are returned;
✔ All default sounds are replaced with the default sounds from SnowRunner;
✔ Fixed a bug in the registration of the exhaust pipes (because of this, it did not vibrate);
✔ Reduced brake response delay;
✔ Reduced engine power;
✔ Corrected the size of the shadow under the car;
✔ Corrected the size and position of the air intake;
✔ Reduced durability to the default value for trucks;

✔ Changed the position of the camera, closer forward and lower;
✔ The camera from the first person is pushed back from the steering wheel and centered on the steering wheel;
✔ The position of the plate has been changed, now it blocks the view less;
✔ The center of mass is lowered, now the car is more resistant to overturning;
✔ Reduced the angles of the cabin, increased the damping of the vibration of the cabin;
✔ Completely reconfigured lighting on the car and addons;
✔ Returned two add-ons from SnowRunner: repair parts and fuel, canister;
✔ Configured blocking addons;
✔ Replaced cargo;
✔ Replaced wheels from the mod.

Changing Textures:
✔ Replaced all textures with the original from SnowRunner;
✔ All speculators are created anew;
✔ Created new awning textures;
✔ Glasses have become clearer and more transparent in the first person view.

Author: kvarc999

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