Download Atdega Mod Pack Realistic Graphics Version 7.4 Fin+Sp V28.09.22 MudRunner

MudRunner Mod: Atdega Mod Pack Realistic Graphics Version 7.4 Fin+Sp V28.09.22 (Featured)
MudRunner Mod: Atdega Mod Pack Realistic Graphics Version 7.4 Fin+Sp V28.09.22

I am glad to present you a new version of the mod “Atdega Mod Pack realistic graphics”!

Attention! Game support v 09.28.22 Epic Games and Steam. For online play with SpinTires Mod and in the additional settings of the game menu, disable verification of game files.


  • Follow the installer’s instructions, specifying the “MudRunner” folder;
  • Choosing the desired components;
  • We complete the installation;
  • Launch the game via SpintiresMod and enjoy, or from the launcher;
  • If for some reason nothing has changed for you after installation, then clear the game cache manually (C:/Users/userName/AppData/Roaming/SpinTires MudRunner);
  • The choice with a different configuration of components is carried out through removal and re-installation, and it is done so that it is possible to return the game to its original state.

Connecting ReShade

  • Everything is configured and does not require any other settings if you selected it during installation
  • Launch the game via SpintiresMod and enjoy, or from the launcher

Memo to ReShade

  • The *Home* button opens the ReShade settings.
  • The *Print Screen* button saves the screenshot to the *Screenshot* folder in the root of the game.
  • The *F4* button turns ReShade effects on and off.

Graphic arts

  • Returns the game to natural colors
  • Removes spots on the camera
  • Removes noise at night
  • Makes the trees in the game fluffy
  • Changes the grass in the game to a more natural one
  • Removes the ridiculous red tint from all plants
  • Replaces the winch cable with a natural one
  • Changes the weather with a smooth flow of time of day
  • Makes beautiful skies and clouds
  • Makes water realistic
  • Fixes the game’s ground surfaces
  • Fixed more than 200 textures, I don’t see any point in listing them all
  • Makes the dust more realistic and there are options to choose from
  • There are 6 types of different logs
  • ReShade available with better customized filters
  • Changes the appearance of stones
  • Changes the appearance of the bump stop
  • Optimized a large number of textures to increase FPS
  • There are new dashboard options
  • It is possible to make the compass transparent
  • There is a choice of clouds
  • Various night options
  • Options to choose from: new moon, full moon, no moon
  • It is possible to remove pieces of dirt from the wheels
  • It is possible to choose realistic water splashes
  • Corrects headlights to white and corrects other car lighting fixtures
  • Turns off street lights during the day
  • Disables additional headlights on cars during the day
  • There are different weather options

Cars and addons

  • Returns original radiator grilles (Ural 4320, Ural 432010, Gas 66, UAZ 3151, UAZ 469, KamAZ 65111, KamAZ 65115, KamAZ 4310, Maz 6317, Kraz 255, Zil 131) work great in multiplayer
  • 5 cars removed by the developers were returned to the game menu: 2 cars A-968M, S-4320, S-65115, D-535
  • Many cars are equipped with addons that were not there before (long dissolution, autonomous crane, platform with crane)
  • Also added additional tanks and repair parts to most cars
  • Fixed UAZ 3151 and Ural 432010 wheels to off-road ones
  • Power and other characteristics of the car are not affected
  • Zil 130 and Kamaz 65115 connected differential
  • Different car colors to choose from
  • Additional power and maneuverability optional
  • Reinforced tap with optional grip lock
  • Improved textures for most cars
  • Less dirt on the glass and improved effect of wet glass
  • All lights on cars have been adjusted
  • All the shortcomings of the game authors have been corrected

American Trucks Plus

  • All American cars have improved traction, without increasing power.
  • GMC DW950: New texture for headlights, constant differential, increased steering angle. I received an autonomous forest crane with a spare tank and repair parts, repair parts from American cars, an American service trailer, an American tank semi-trailer, an American fuel trailer, and a loader was installed.
  • Ford LTL9000 loader installed.
  • Freightliner FLD120 repair parts installed.

Ridge DLC plus

  • D-538, B-6A increased maneuverability and engine power.
  • Added hook points to B-6A and tank. Trailers added.


  • It is possible to enable branch physics
  • It is possible to enable stone physics
  • It is possible to select a reconnaissance point flag
  • Selecting a different road surface
  • Modified Epic Games and Steam game engines for playing multiplayer without SP Mod
  • Removes unnecessary inscriptions: Response, Transmission, Traveled, Distance and Steering wheel devices in use.
  • Wheel rims on all default cars now get dirty in mud to varying degrees.

Open all cars and maps

  • Attention! Overwrites save game and default settings to unlock all vehicles and all maps with one Marshal star. Useful for those who have lost their gameplay.


  • There are several removal options
  • Through the Start menu, if you have agreed to be added to the Start menu
  • Through installation and removal of Windows programs
  • Using a shortcut on the desktop
  • Via a file in the folder “C:/Program Files (x86)/Uninstall Atdega Mod Pack”
  • After removal, the game will return to its original state, as before installing the mod

P.S. The final version of “Adega Mod Pack”.

Version 7.4 Fin+Sp For Spintires: MudRunner (v28.09.22):

  • New sky, clouds, lighting, sunset, dawn, sun, fog, horizon;
  • New clean water;
  • Kamaz-board: incorrect value corrected;
  • Added a simplified garage menu to the Help folder for SPmod 1.12.5-1.12.9.

P.S. The final version of “Adega Mod Pack”.

Author: Atdega

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