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Loar Altlichtenwarth / Austria

Loar Altlichtenwarth / Austria for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Welcome To Altlichtenwarth! Altlichtenwarth Airfield (German: Flugplatz Altlichtenwarth LOAR) was founded in 2005 as a private glider airstrip. It is located near the town of Altlichtenwarth, Austria in the picturesque hills of the “Weinviertel” near the Czech border. In the geological epoch of Miocene, this area used to be part of an innereuropean sea with…

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[Lowp]-Perg Airport V0.1

[Lowp]-Perg Airport V0.1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

This Airport doesn´t exist in real life! I mean it is an fictional Airport. It´s my first addon airport in msfs and it took 5 hours to make. It Includes: a military area a civilian area I don´t know any problems with this addon. GPS Coordinates:c 48.233184, 14.625884

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Wind Turbine Near Ottenschlag (Loaa)

Wind Turbine Near Ottenschlag (Loaa) for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

A small request, nothing special. Wind turbine near the airfield Ottenschlag (LOAA) in austria. This is NOT animated. It’s just a static object that looks closer to the real Enercon E-40 5.40 rather than the default windturbines. But the default turbines always face north no matter the wind anyway which isn’t particularly better. Just open…

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C172 Oe-Dyu G1000

C172 Oe-Dyu G1000 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Textures only for the default Asobo Cessna 172 G1000 as OE-DYU from Austria. I had done this livery previously for the steam gauge C172sp. On the request of Matino1220 I’ve done a G1000 version here. You can have both Classic and G1000 installed they should coexist happily.

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Load – Flugfeld Völtendorf V1.1

Load – Flugfeld Völtendorf V1.1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Remodel of the Flugfeld Völtendorf in lower austria. !No real Telemetry Data was used creating this! Additionally added: Helipad, Taxiway to hangers, small additions to add some life. Taxiways and Taxisigns not yet included, havn’t figured that out yet. ✔ Update v.0.1.1 – Minor Changes to uneven ground Minor Changes to surrounding roads, making them…

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Logg Punitz-Güssing/Austria

Logg Punitz-Güssing/Austria for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Welcome To Burgenland! Punitz-Güssing Airport (Flugplatz Punitz-Güssing) is a private use airport located near Punitz, Burgenland, Austria. Due to its location, this airfield is the perfect base for flights to Vienna, Graz, the Alps or beyond. This project was created in collaboration with Troglodytus. Airport ICAO: LOGG Elevation: 951 ft / 290 m Frequencies: 123.205…

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[Lokr] – ST. Donat / Mairist Airfield, Austria V0.3

[Lokr] – ST. Donat / Mairist Airfield, Austria V0.3 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Welcome At Mairist Ultralight Airfield! St. Donat / Mairist [LOKR] is one of the smallest Austrian airfields in southern Carinthia. It is very close to Klagenfurt Airport [LOWK] and Hirt Airfield [LOKH]. Mairist is used as homebase for gyrocopters and ultralights as well as small STOL aircraft. Visit The Nearby Castle Of Hochosterwitz Which Has…

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