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Freightliner FLD V2.2 [1.45]

Freightliner FLD V2.2 [1.45] for American Truck Simulator

Updated October 2022 FASTER MODDING Freightliner FLD v2.1 Buy at the Freightliner Dealer Tested on ATS 1.45 will not work on older game versions Harven,Lucasi,Odd_fellow gave full permission to add his FLD to the workshop. Fully gone thru and tested with no errors but like all mods conflicts may occur on your end depending what…

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Freightliner Coronado By Dmitry68 [1.45]

Freightliner Coronado By Dmitry68 [1.45] for American Truck Simulator

Initial model from DB3 (rignroll model) There is a template. For the correct operation of the rear view camera, first install the mirrors with the camera and turn on / off the Hood mirrors. (F2). After these manipulations, the camera will work on all mirrors. Happy riding. version 1.45 adaptation for patch 1.45

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