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Savegame 100% Expensive / ALL DLC / [1.45]

Savegame 100% Expensive / ALL DLC / [1.45] for American Truck Simulator

My personal save. 1.45.x License – Pirate All garages A lot of money A couple of trucks in stock SAVE DOESN’T HAVE ALL DLC – Missing Volvo Construction Equipment 100% Expensive Where To Install? C:UsersusernameDocumentsAmerican Truck Simulatorprofiles (Upload file) UPD: I will not apply the old version, as it crashes and does not fit Explored…

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Game Profile For Promods Canada V 1.1.0

Game Profile For Promods Canada V 1.1.0 for American Truck Simulator

The game profile is suitable for all players (beginners, mod testers and convoy players) and for those who for whatever reason could not start their personal game profile.Profile created with modification ProMods Canada V1.1.0.Profile supports all ATS V 1.42 DLC. The Store Contains:✔ ProMods Canada profile name;✔ Garage Vancouver (British Columbia);✔ Eighteen Wheel Master level;✔…

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Profile Jumpstart: Cash & XP Boost V4.03 [1.43]

Profile Jumpstart: Cash & XP Boost V4.03 [1.43] for American Truck Simulator

Updated to 1.42–1.43/8.01s; previous versions unchanged• Included support for 1.43 beta A simple mod to boost money and level quickly and easily. To be used temporarily with new profiles created for development, testing, or similar purposes (but can be used with any profile, at any time, and for any purpose). Perhaps you’ve lost an earlier…

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