Better Raindrops With Rain Sound V1.4 [1.47]

Better Raindrops With Rain Sound V1.4 [1.47] for American Truck Simulator

Hello! I’d like to share with you a mod aimed to improve raindrops appearence on windshield (and rain in general) and make game more realistic and immersive. Key Features: Add new texture and significantly increase number of raindrops. Improve physical behaviour of particles, now their spawn will be more affected by truck position relatively to…

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Previous Soundproofing – 2023MAY25

Previous Soundproofing – 2023MAY25 for American Truck Simulator

New in this version: Added soundproofing for the 2018 Volvo VNL. As the truck by default requires specific soundproofing settings to sound accurate in the cabin, some default settings have been merged specifically for this truck. This mod brings back a similar soundproofing from 1.42 for ATS default trucks affected by the 1.43 interior cabin…

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