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If you want to enjoy an authentic American truck driving experience, there’s no better game than the American Truck Simulator. The rich textures and scenic locations offer you a very immersive experience that can keep you engaged for hours. However, as you continue to explore the various possibilities of the game, you may find certain content to be repetitive and boring. Fortunately, the ATS mods are available to rescue and eradicate your boredom. There are several types of mods available for ATS such as vast maps, new vehicles, tuning parts, and a lot more. With the help of these mods, you can add a snort of uniqueness to your game, and develop new possibilities to enjoy the game even more. Not to mention, these mods are a boon for streamers as it allows them to make amazing content as well. ATS mods can be installed pretty easily in the game without any failure. Therefore, in case you’re looking to make American Truck Simulator more exciting, make sure you have a look at mods available on ModsHost and choose the ones that resonate with your interests.
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Beacon Edit by JBM [ATS] v2.3 1.46

Beacon Edit by JBM [ATS] v2.3 1.46 for American Truck Simulator

Update:– Convoy/multiplayer compatibility added– Generic update for game version 1.46 What This Mod Does:This basic mod simply changes the flash properties of SCS beacons and vehicle warning lights in the game. It is fully tested in game versions 1.46.x with a clear log. Player trucks & Trailers:– Increases brightness and speed of Radiant rotating beacons….

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Ownable SCS Car-Hauler v1.0

Ownable SCS Car-Hauler v1.0 for American Truck Simulator

This is just one variant of the SCS Car-Hauler from the freight market made to be ownable.Black variant with 3 different cargos, which are also pulled directly from what's in game already.I have not made any edits to the trailer or cargo outside of names, and there is no customization. All credit for the models…

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Kenworth K100-e by Overfloater v1.3 1.46

Kenworth K100-e by Overfloater v1.3 1.46 for American Truck Simulator

V1.3-fix warning for model versions-updated gps satnav   Features:– 4 cabs (90" flat-top & Aerodyne, 112" flat-top & Aerodyne)– 12 Chassis Variants– 6 Engines (425 – 600HP)– 14 Transmissions– Lots of interiors Variants and Styles– Wind deflectors & fairings, that you would see on real k100 trucks– Paint schemes, only based on what you'd see…

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Utility 2000R Trailer v1.3.2

Utility 2000R Trailer v1.3.2 for American Truck Simulator

v1.3.2– Fixed some incorrect allignment of the axle   This mod adds a 1988 Utility 2000R 40' x 96" reefer trailer. It features an animated Thermo King Super II refrigeration unit, advanced coupling, and full use of the trailer paintjob system's current feature set.   In v1.1+, this mod also adds a 28' variant as…

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Reworked Train Sounds [ATS] v1.3.1 1.46

Reworked Train Sounds [ATS] v1.3.1 1.46 for American Truck Simulator

Replaces the original train sounds with new and improved ones. These sounds will attenuate realistically based on distance and angle, to provide a realistic soundscape whether you are near a train, or far away. Trains will now give two quick horn blasts when starting from a stop, as they do in the real world. Additionally,…

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Advanced SCS Traffic [1.46]

Advanced SCS Traffic [1.46] for American Truck Simulator

Changelogs– Updated for 1.46 version of the game by using latest definition files from SCS.– Revisited and adjusted traffic behaviour. Traffic will try to overtake you more often .– Overall optimizations.– The traffic "popping out" issue has been tweaked Advanced SCS Traffic or AST is a traffic mod that slightly increases density of default SCS…

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Caterpillar C-12 and C-13 Acert v1.1

Caterpillar C-12 and C-13 Acert v1.1 for American Truck Simulator

Custom FMOD soundbank!Engines:2002 Caterpillar C-12, with 410 HP. Does not use DEF/AdBlue.2014 Caterpillar C-13 ACERT, with 430 HP. Uses DEF/AdBlue.Transmissions:Caterpillar CX31-P600 (6 Speed).   Compatible with all vanilla trucks.Support is included for the following mod trucks:Viper's 389International 9800

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