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International S-4700 V1.3 [1.45]

International S-4700 V1.3 [1.45] for American Truck Simulator

The International S series is a range of trucks that was manufactured by International Harvester (later Navistar International) from 1977 to 2001. Introduced to consolidate the medium-duty IHC Loadstar and heavy-duty IHC Fleetstar into a single product range. Features: Standalone Has its own sound Interior Cabin accessories Tuning parts Engine Gasoline 197–236 hp (147–176 kW)…

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International 9400I [1.45]+

International 9400I [1.45]+ for American Truck Simulator

SMRS proudly presents International 9400i for ATS 1.45+ patches Updated for actual patches Fixed speedometer(shows more correct speed now) Tweaked dashboard visibility Some other minor corrections Note: Sell and disable old versions of this truck before you enable this mod.

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International 9900I Tuning Pack

International 9900I Tuning Pack for American Truck Simulator

There are a couple modifications for aesthetic such as the option for a 300 gallon tank set forward with steps, make sure to choose the appropriate sideskirt to keep from clipping the two accessories. There is an option to use the sideskirts with the exposed def tank on the 72″ full sleeper instead of just…

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International HX520 By Harven [1.45]

International HX520 By Harven [1.45] for American Truck Simulator

Changelog Update for 1.45 fully functional truck 3 cabins: daycab, 56 and 73 inch High Rise Sleeper, 6 chassis lengths, from 212 to 300 inch wheelbase, 6×4, 8×4 and 8×6, 6 fuel tank volumes, from 100 to 280 gallons, 6 Cummins X15 engines, Elite Diamond interior, a few customization options, 3 predefined configurations available at…

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International 9900IX9300 [1.44]

International 9900IX9300 [1.44] for American Truck Simulator

International 9900i edited to look like a 9300. I replaced some of the truck’s parts with my own models. Including the hood, cab front, visors, mirrors, battery boxes. The interior remains mostly the same as the 9900i, minus the adjustments necessary for it to fit the new cab shape. Those would be new door models,…

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International Workstar + Interior V1.4 [1.44]

International Workstar + Interior V1.4 [1.44] for American Truck Simulator

International Workstar – high quality truck model with some custom changes provided by author ,,Cartruck”, compatible with ETS2 and ATS game. Changes In V1.4: ✔ Adapted to the latest game patch 1.44; ✔ Fixed bugs; ✔ Fixed some models and added more accessories. Features International Workstar: ✔ independent truck model ✔ High quality detailed 3D…

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