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International 9900I Edit [1.46]

International 9900I Edit [1.46] for American Truck Simulator

Added features -Replaced all exhaust options with my own -Bow tie drop visor -Rear fender and edited one of scs rear fenders-Chrome materials -Stretched and lowered both M /L chassis -Tinted windows -Shifter \without node option-Changed dash wood dash materials to 4k texture-Wood flooring-Red texture on Long chassis air bags *-CB radio from Habdorn Compatible with 1.46

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International 9900I X 9300 V1.6

International 9900I X 9300 V1.6 for American Truck Simulator

Update Added DLC compatibility for Cabin Accessories Steering Creations Forest Machinery Fixed gps I replaced some of the truck’s parts with my own models. Including the hood, cab front, visors, mirrors, battery boxes. The interior remains mostly the same as the 9900i, minus the adjustments necessary for it to fit the new cab shape. Those…

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International Lonestar 2022 v3.2 1.46

International Lonestar 2022 v3.2 1.46 for American Truck Simulator

v3.2 2023-01-10-Includes New 09 Style Sideskirts Hood deflector has new colors Remade the Harley Davidson logo on door and interior-New Moose Bumper With Flares Option-Zeemods Engines And International Effects Pack Compatible-Sisls Mega Pack Compatible for hanging accessories for now.-New Wood Grain Steering Wheel Option.-Made 1.46 Compatible-Fixed Missing Hood When Selecting Default SCS Chassis. It's finally…

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