Peterbilt 567 V2.2

Peterbilt 567 V2.2 for American Truck Simulator

Mod based on a 2015-2018 Peterbilt 567 Short Truck History: Described as “old meeting new” the Peterbilt 567 certainly looks like the offspring of Peterbilt’s 389 and 579. Released in 2013, the 567 features the 579’s wider cab combined with hood and lights reminicent of the 389. The 567 was designed for the driver who…

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Discover Ontario V0.2.0 TMP

Discover Ontario V0.2.0 TMP for American Truck Simulator

V 0.2.0 tmp 2022-11-26 “Discover Ontario” works fine, have a few barriers, and roads close to Quebec (Will be adding soon). This map mod will make Ontario, Canada a little better. Alomst done ! With Connection to C2C, and Midwest # Mod is compatible with ATS 1.XX.X # Requires Coast to Coast v2.XX.X Supported Game…

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Reefer Trailer Sound Addon 1.0.7

Reefer Trailer Sound Addon 1.0.7 for American Truck Simulator

Changelog: Mod Description Updated To Include 1.46. No Requirement To Re-download If You Already Have It. Synopsis: Hear the seamless white noise of a reefer trailer! This mod adds the definition files to activate the Sound Fixes Pack reefer sounds for reefer trailers by SCS Software. There are some trade-offs due to reefer sounds not…

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Kenworth T880 V1.14

Kenworth T880 V1.14 for American Truck Simulator

Contents: Texture cleanup Corrected lights Made Standalone Added advanced coupling for short chassis Def file cleanup and tweaking Removed incorrect engines Added correct engines Added correct gearboxes Added missing icon for truck configurator Support for 1.46

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Standard Time Zone [1.46]

Standard Time Zone [1.46] for American Truck Simulator

This mod makes the sun rise around 4 and 5am and goes down around 4 and 5pm **Please Do Not Edit The Files!!** You may find bugs, if you do, report them in the comments section **DO NOT Re-Upload to Steam or any other sites without my permission or you will be reported!!!** **Do Not…

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Early Autumn/Fall V3.1

Early Autumn/Fall V3.1 for American Truck Simulator

This mod simulates early autumn environment and weather. Features Less leaves on trees and autumnal colours Grass Improvements Increased grass density Autumn weather Autumnal daylight hours Appropriate temperature readings No thunder and lighting Improved windscreen raindrops Compatible with all map DLCs Compatibility latest version: 1.46 Changes In V3.1 Updated for 1.46 Increased grass density Recommended…

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AI Traffic Pack By Jazzycat V14.0.1

AI Traffic Pack By Jazzycat V14.0.1 for American Truck Simulator

Pack Adds In Traffic 321 New AI Cars: Chevrolet Blazer, Tahoe(’07, ’15, ’21), Caprice, Cruze, Malibu, Silverado(’07, ’18), Colorado(’07, ’15), Avalanche, Trailblazer, Equinox ’18, Cobalt, Impala(’96, ’03,’06, ’14), Suburban ’98, Spark, HHR, Trax, Camaro, Corvette Dodge Grand Caravan, Neon, Dart, Intrepid, Caravan, Journey, Caliber, Durango(’99,’11), Charger(’06, ’12), Challenger, Ram (1500 ’06, 2500 ’94, Van) Ford…

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Sound Fixes Pack V22.98

Sound Fixes Pack V22.98 for American Truck Simulator

CHANGELOG V22.98 ================ 1 new trailer coupling sound added to the array of trailer coupling sounds. Horn sounds added to the 2022 Toyota Tundra (3rd generation) in AI traffic. [ATS edition] Minor adjustments to various AI traffic car and bus sounds. Compatibility updates for the ATS 1.46.2 game update. [ATS edition] Nokia ringtone (hurry up…

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