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Asphalt Light V2.3

Asphalt Light V2.3 for American Truck Simulator

ATTENTION! I made this mod for myself and maybe you do not need it. American Truck Simulator mod: ATS_Asphalt-Light_ver.2.3_.scs This mod replaces the coverage of all roads in ATS with one type.

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FLY/DEBUG Camera Hidden Modes [1.47]

FLY/DEBUG Camera Hidden Modes [1.47] for American Truck Simulator

Update: 16 MarAdded Support for 1.47 game version This mod will unlock hidden modes in debug camera so you can create more cinematic videos and very nice smooth shoots also cursor speed is lowered for smoother effect. Those modes are activated by typing in "g_debug_camera 1" then switch to Fly/Debug "key 0" camera and with…

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Kenworth W900 Improved Dashboard

Kenworth W900 Improved Dashboard for American Truck Simulator

This Mod Improves Kenworth W900 Dashboard: Added current speed gauge; Added cruise control gauge; Added parking lights icon; Added low beam lights icon; Added remaining fuel in tank; Added remaining fuel range; Added remaining fuel/adblue in tank percent; Added trip average speed indicator; Added trip time; Added ETA (estimated time to arrival) indicator, hidden when…

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Kenworth W900 NEO Dashboard

Kenworth W900 NEO Dashboard for American Truck Simulator

Main Display (always): current gear current speed cruise control compass Main Display 1: average (trip) consumption instant consumption Main Display 2: remaining fuel guessed operating range Main Display 3: water temperature oil temperature Main Display 4: ambient temperature Rpm Display: time engine running time Speed Display: odometer trip distance

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Realistic Truck Physics Mod v9.0.2

Realistic Truck Physics Mod v9.0.2 for American Truck Simulator

Update 9.0.2 10 MarChangelog:– Added support for Kenworth W900 Limited Edition   This mod makes truck physics behaviors realistic for a unique driving experience.   Features-Smoother truck chassis suspension-Smoother trailer suspension-Smoother interior camera movements-Improved driveshaft torque simulation-Compatible with current ATS trucks

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Real Companies, Gas Stations & Billboards v3.02.10

Real Companies, Gas Stations & Billboards v3.02.10 for American Truck Simulator

Update: 23 FebVersion 3.02.10.* Removed UI logo* bugs fixes This mod changes:* Deliverable SCS-companies to real companies* SCS company trailers to real company trailers* SCS fastfoodrestaurants to real restaurants* Billboards including Las vegas* Las vegas hotel names* Airplane liveries* UPS and Fed-ex stepvans* SCS shop names to real shop names* Roadservice signs* Various small signs,…

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Real Fuel Prices v9.0.1

Real Fuel Prices v9.0.1 for American Truck Simulator

Update: 19 Feb-Update prices. This mod adds the latest real fuel prices in all regions of the game.An update is made once or twice a month, see more if prices change a lot. Attention : The currency must be in USD and the unit in US Gallons to have the correct prices. Last update :…

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Real Companies, Gas Stations & Billboards v3.02.09

Real Companies, Gas Stations & Billboards v3.02.09 for American Truck Simulator

Update: 16 Feb* Changed HR to Buc-ee's* Changed Bayer food to Nestle* Changed Radioshack to Sams Club* Changed N-Hool to U-haul van* Added Walmart distribution sign* Added GMC entrance signs* Added UI loading screens* Updated 30 boxtrailer skins* Updated FedEx van* Updated nightlight files on various totems* Updated outdated billboards This mod changes:* Deliverable SCS-companies…

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