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Kenworth T880 V1.14

Kenworth T880 V1.14 for American Truck Simulator

Contents: Texture cleanup Corrected lights Made Standalone Added advanced coupling for short chassis Def file cleanup and tweaking Removed incorrect engines Added correct engines Added correct gearboxes Added missing icon for truck configurator Support for 1.46

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Kenworth K100E Drom Addon v1.46

Kenworth K100E Drom Addon v1.46 for American Truck Simulator

Adds:3 chassis, 3 upfits11 loads (flatbed only) for the K100E. Most models are from SCS and the ones that aren't are purposely made to look like SCS so it fits well with SCS trailers The box can be skinned using acc_list, you can find that in teh mod description.(MS2 does not have an XML for the…

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Kenworth K100-E by Overfloater v1.2.5 1.46

Kenworth K100-E by Overfloater v1.2.5 1.46 for American Truck Simulator

Features:– 4 cabs (90" flat-top & Aerodyne, 112" flat-top & Aerodyne)– 12 Chassis Variants– 6 Engines (425 – 600HP)– 14 Transmissions– Lots of interiors Variants and Styles– Wind deflectors & fairings, that you would see on real k100 trucks– Paint schemes, only based on what you'd see on real k100 trucks Fixed Incorrect model versionUpdated…

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Kenworth T909 V4.0

Kenworth T909 V4.0 for American Truck Simulator

Update for 4.0 Added Some parts Removed 2 bumper parts Kenworth Dealer 4 Cabins 6X2 & 8X6 Chassis A lot of tuning Engines Cummins ISX EGR, Cummins ISX Euro 5, Cummins ISX Signature 600 & Cummins X15 Euro V Eaton Fuller 13 or 18 Speed Manual or Automated

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Kenworth T880 V1.2 [1.45]

Kenworth T880 V1.2 [1.45] for American Truck Simulator

Cleaning Texture cleaning corrected Made independent Advanced chassis coupling short Cleaning and adjustment of Def files Removed incorrect motors Added correct engines Added correct gearboxes Missing add-on for truck configurator

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