MSFS 2020 Senegal Mods

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C152-II 6V-Csm Casamance

C152-II 6V-Csm Casamance for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Fictional repaint for the MSFS2020 Default Cessna 152 II Pictures from Senegal with a registration number 6V-CSM to fly over the beautiful Casamance area, Saint-Louis and the deserts in the north… Made from a real cessna located at Boire Field in the mid-nineties : great repaint C152II N48270 by Tom “FlyingsCool” Perry Jean Marc (jim007)…

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AIR Senegal (2016) ATR 72-600 8K

AIR Senegal (2016) ATR 72-600 8K for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

If you like the livery, please let me know in a comment AND VOTE Requirements: You Need To Have The ATR 72-600. Extraction Method: ✔ simply extract the file, ✔ move the file inside in the “community” directory. I wish you all an excellent flight Donations Are Not Required, But Are Certainly Appreciated!

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