MSFS 2020 Lockheed Mods

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Darkstar DHL

Darkstar DHL for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Same day delivery? How about in 6 hours, anywhere in the world? This is a fictional livery of DHL for the Lockheed Martin Darkstar. The plane was assigned a fictional German registration number D-ICLF. I am very new in modding and using Blender, so please notify me if there are any problems with this livery….

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Lockheed F-104G Usaf 060756 “Chuck Yeager”

Lockheed F-104G Usaf 060756 “Chuck Yeager” for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

For the SkySimWokrs F-104G Starfighter come this livery is Based on the Lockheed NF-104A Starfighter. The Lockheed NF-104A was an American mixed power, high-performance, supersonic aerospace trainer that served as a low-cost astronaut training vehicle for the X-15 and projected X-20 Dyna-Soar programs. The third NF-104A (USAF 56-0762) was delivered to the USAF on 1…

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