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Wind Park “KRš Pađene” – Croatia

Wind Park “KRš Pađene” – Croatia for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Wind park “Krš Pađene” is currently the biggest wind park in Croatia, with 48 wind turbines and a total output of 142 MW. Its spread on an area of 21 km2, 8 km west of town Knin. This addon includes 48 custom placed wind turbines, exactly placed like the real-world ones GPS Coordinates: 44.058722, 16.089960

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Trogir/Traù (Approach To Split)

Trogir/Traù (Approach To Split) for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

The scenery enhances the approach to the airport of Split (Spalato), featuring the historic town of Trogir (Traù), with its characteristic harbor. Night lighting has been added manually. Please note: the scenery is divided into 4 folders, because of the complexity of the landscape. Please add them to the Community folder.

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