MSFS 2020 Algeria Mods

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Constantine for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Scene de la Ville de Constantine pour Mfs 2020, créé avec le programe SDK mfs2020 Je precise que les batiment que j’ai créé son de la ressemblance uniquement vue la limite de création de batiment du SDK MFS2020 ✔ Mosqué amir abdelkader ( ressanblance) ✔ un pont d’autre ajout de batiment prochainement. Bont vol… Coordinates:…

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Piaggio P149 Sahara Cn-Csb

Piaggio P149 Sahara Cn-Csb for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Piaggio P149D Sahara_CN-CSB is an imaginary paintscheme to fly over Morocco, Algeria and Northern Mali/Niger : to visit the great deserts, impressive Hight Atlas, lost medieval cities,… Made for the ATSimulations Piaggio P.149, from the beautiful livery “RNZAF NZ1960” painted by Jan Kees Blom. Also is included a pack of 5 textures “clean” (=without stickers)…

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