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Realistic Economy Mod Beta

Realistic Economy Mod Beta for American Truck Simulator

CURRENT MARKET RATES (As of October 18th, 2021) Freight Market Jobs: $2.82/mile Average Cargo Market Jobs: $2.85/mile Average CARGO AVAILABILITY *Cargo availability is 70% The mod is expected to work with a majority of all cargo and trailer mods. However, some rates per mile may be higher or lower than normal with certain trailer mods…

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YOU Gotta Work For IT [Economy] [1.41]

YOU Gotta Work For IT [Economy] [1.41] for American Truck Simulator

Makes the Economy realistic by adjusting per mile pay to reflect what a driver would keep after a cost of living deduction. Since there is no place in the game to take this deduction and show the amount, I have configured it into the pay per mile as follows: [and of coarse, experience and cargo…

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Better Bank Loans

Better Bank Loans for American Truck Simulator

This mod reworks the bank loan structure a little with default SCS economy in mind. I raised the $400K loan to $500K and added the $250K & $1M with similar interest rates and repayment schedules to SCS. Raised the level requirement for credit limits. The level requirement to purchase a trailer has been lowered to…

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Increased Delivery Time [1.40]

Increased Delivery Time [1.40] for American Truck Simulator

v1.1: Updated for 1.40. The overtime has been reduced, now we will have an extra 25% of time for the delivery. Do you like to travel on back roads, or stop to look at landscapes or just drive without urgency? This mod extends the timeframe for deliveries by approximately 25%. Note: Workers could take an…

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Ownable Cargo Market Reworked

Ownable Cargo Market Reworked for American Truck Simulator

PLEASE GIVE ALWAYS THIS MOD A HIGH PRIORITY IN MOD MANAGER, SPECIALLY ABOVE MAPS, ECONOMY & TRAILER MODS! BELOW THESE I CAN´T GUARENTEE THE MOD WILL WORK AS IS EXPECTED Tired of hauling the very same loads all the time? Then look no further, this mod is what you are looking for. This mod will…

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