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Tokushima-Naruto Bridges

Tokushima-Naruto Bridges for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Includes: Onaruto Bridge (大鳴門橋) Muya Brigde(撫養橋) Konaruto Bridge(小鳴門橋) Konaruto Ohashi Bridge(小鳴門大橋) Konaruto Shinbashi Bridge(小鳴門新橋) Coordinates: 34.198294, 134.594867 Approximate Location: unnamed road, Narutocho-Takashima, Naruto, Tokushima Prefecture 772-0051, Japan

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Tokushima-Nanbu Expressway (E55)

Tokushima-Nanbu Expressway (E55) for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

INSTALLATION : Drop in your community folder. Includes: Shinmachigawa Bridge (新町川橋) the span is 500m Yoshinogawa Sunrise Bridge 吉野川サンライズ大橋 total span length 1696.5 m Nankai Ferry I(Meet)(南海フェリー あい) animated Ocean Tokyu Ferry Coordinates: 34.053625, 134.587150 Approximate Location: 徳島南部自動車道, Minamiokinosu 4-chome, Tokushima, Tokushima Prefecture 770-8571, Japan

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IWO Jima Rjaw Airport

IWO Jima Rjaw Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

MSFS lacked this airport and the others available by content creators either lack content or are not compatible with Navigraph and they produce a double runway effect. This is my first attempt at designing an airport so please report any bugs and will do my best to address them. Currently do not have taxiway signs….

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UH-1H Japan Airborne Regiment

UH-1H Japan Airborne Regiment for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Disclaimer : You must also have Taog44’s “UH1-H Iroquois rev 1.3” Aircraft installed before you can fly this livery. I use the original material from this aircraft as a base to make this livery Please follow his instructions in his airplane in order to fly it Installation : Unzip and drag the folder into your…

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Pmdg DC-6B Japan AIR Lines (JA6201)

Pmdg DC-6B Japan AIR Lines (JA6201) for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Japan Air Lines (now Japan Airlines) is the flag carrier of Japan based in Tokyo. It operates on routes with destinations all around the world. Japan Air Lines operates/operated several different aircraft types including the DC-6. Originally JAL bought the DC-6 in its passenger configuration. Some of these airplanes were converted to freighters later. This…

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Japan Airlines A32N 2022 (Fictional)

Japan Airlines A32N 2022 (Fictional) for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

A fictional concept livery I found for Japan Airlines. Textures are created in 16k and downscaled to 8k Enjoy. Installation: extract and drag+drop into the community folder TIPS & DONATIONS: Times are tough and money is tight for alot of people around the world right now. If you can spare the money and you like…

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Southbiwako for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

This is a scene in the southern part of Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture. It includes Nishi-Otsu-Omi Ohashi-Aeon Kusatsu. When taking off and landing at RJBB, RJOO Take a glance at this LOD16-18 The treatment of fields and mountains is bad. This is my first scenery production. GPS Coordinates: 34.98590472007226, 135.75794735881587

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