FS19 Renault Mods

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Renault Temis

Renault Temis for Farming Simulator 19

The Characteristics: mass config and front linkage, choice of 6 trelleborg wheel configs, stoll loader frame, engine config from 610 to 630 z and the 650z with the hood, choice of front mudguard and rear fender extension. A V2 will come I hope before the release of fs22 if I have the time ✔ Price:…

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Renault D7.5 Dépanneuse

Renault D7.5 Dépanneuse for Farming Simulator 19

Voici la dépanneuse de l’entreprise fictive Garage de Moulains de la map Région d’Oranget. ATTENTION: Le mod a besoin du SimpleIC pour fonctionner ! Modification de la dépanneuse originale de FMFS : ✔ Modification de la cabine ✔ Ajout du SimpleIC ✔ Skin Garage de Moulains ✔ Divers Les Caractéristiques: ✔ Prix: 59.000€ ✔ Puissance:…

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Renault Captur 2020

Renault Captur 2020 for Farming Simulator 19

Characteristics: Renault Captur Available in several versions: Civil, V.L.I, V.L.M, Sécurité, Samu 54, A.S.V.P, Municipal Police, SOS Médecin Amiens, Samu social. ✔ Price: € 18,500 ✔ Power: 110hp Required mods Simple IC

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