Type S-100 Truck for SNOWRUNNER

Type S-100 for SnowRunner
Type S-100 for SnowRunner


Type S-100 Arnie from a mid XX century. It looks like a classic truck but extremely raised in size and mass. Truck can carry many cargos at once by special platforms. Huge wheels are very good offroad. Choice between highrange and offroad gearboxes, between power and fuel consumption in engines. Full visual customization.

✔ Using the experimental platforms, you will be able to move cargos from side to side to get good visual. Keep attention to those small hooks because they show position of cargo decks. Packed (and unpacked) cargo always appear on a center line. There’s nothing special when you load 1-place cargos, just keep decks (small hooks) in a center line and move them after the packing. To combine 1- and 2-place cargos, you will need to find the proper start position of decks, and again, move them all after the packing.

SnOWrUNNER:Type S-100 Arnie by VladSib72

Author: VladSib72

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