GWC Semi Wheel Pack for SnowRunner

GWC Semi Wheel Pack for SnowRunner
GWC Semi Wheel Pack for SnowRunner

So, this is my semi-truck wheel and tire pack. The goal of this pack consists of multiple things.

  • Reducing ram use of my own mod trucks.
  • Allowing myself to easily reference this wheel pack and consistently have the same tires across multiple trucks. It also allows me to update multiple trucks with new tires simultanesouly.
  • Allow other modders to easily add my tires and wheels to their mods.

I’ve seen plenty of confusion and/or controversy surrounding MrBusses wheel pack. This pack WILL, in fact, reduce overall RAM use on consoles when a player uses multiple trucks that reference this wheel pack. How is that possible? Simple. The game loads ALL enabled mods at the same time when you launch a new session. These assets are all loaded into memory (aka RAM). By using a single tire pack, these tires are only loaded into memory once. When they were all contained in the trucks file, they would be loaded into memory every time a new truck was enabled. Over and over again, repeatedly.

If you use only one truck that uses this pack, there are 0 memory space savings. If you use two trucks however, the memory savings becomes 29mb less than having the tires in two truck mods. If you enable 3 trucks, the memory space saved is 58mb, which is basically a whole extra truck you can enable.

To utilize this pack within your own mod, use the following line of code. Adjust the offset values as necessary to fit your truck.

<CompatibleWheels OffsetZ=”0″ RearOffsetZ=”0″ Scale=”0.55″ Type=”wheels_glitch_semi/3318736″ />

Tires Included In This Pack:
2 sets of Highway
2 sets Vintage WWII style
3 sets of Military style
2 sets of Heavy Off Road

Wheels Included In This Pack:
2 sets of Vintage (Dayton and Trillex)
4 sets of Alcoa style
1 set of Vintage WWII style
2 sets of Heavier Industrial style
A total of 81 possible combinations between them.

Author: Glitchworks

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