SnowRunner Trailers Mods

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MS Trailer Pack

MS Trailer Pack for SnowRunner

3 box body 2 box body 1 box body Long log trailer Long log sim trailer Container semi trailer Container trailer flat bed semi trailer Semi-trailer for medium log trailer for medium logs SemiTrailer for LogsShort Trailer for LogsShort

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GWC Mil-Trailers V1.1.0

GWC Mil-Trailers V1.1.0 for SnowRunner

Well, it was inevitable. I decided to take a crack at my own trailer pack. After building a few custom trailers for a couple of my trucks, I decided to build a few more to build up a full pack. These are not direct copies of any particular IRL trailers. They are simply inspired by…

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YAR87 Exploration Trailer V

YAR87 Exploration Trailer V for SnowRunner

Another simple trailer this time adapted to the unusual dimensions of the yar87. The mod is originally designed for the vanilla game. The principle remains the same, it remains relatively punitive (expensive and heavy) but offers good repair and refueling capabilities : RepairsCapacity=”350″ FuelCapacity=”330″ WheelRepairsCapacity=”2″ Price=”18200″ (A way to push not to abandon it, and…

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Two-Story 8 Slot High Saddle Trailer V1.0.4

Two-Story 8 Slot High Saddle Trailer V1.0.4 for SnowRunner

High-Saddle compatible trailer with 8-slot capacity: packable 4-slots on lower level and loose 4-slots on upper level. Double decker style. Can be configured as a road-train with “extension” trailers (no winch). Theoretically you could have an infinite number of trailers in the train. Practically you can only have two. But you still have your winch…

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