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SnowRunner Mrbusses Wheel Pack V1.2 mod
Mrbusses Wheel Pack V1.2 for SnowRunner

This is a collection of all of the wheels and tires I use across my trucks, going forward this mod will be required to use custom wheels and tires on my tweaked trucks. This new method of calling tires from a separate mod should greatly reduce ram costs for consoles. The wheel pack its self uses around 40mb of ram with a 78mb file size, but removing the wheel files from the trucks takes something like my P12 orca from 28MB down to 2 mb. some trucks have gone to 0mb of ram used.

Once this mod gets approved for consoles I will begin updating the individual trucks.

How to add to your trucks
Go to you truck.xml file and find the compatible wheels lines

add a tire like normal and after the file name add “/mod id ” so it will look like this:

<CompatibleWheels OffsetZ=”.2″ RearOffsetZ=”0.2″ Scale=”0.84″ Type=”wheels_mrb_Superheavy_wide/3280471″ />

3280471 is the Resource ID listed on the mod page. You can do this for any mod with custom wheel. For example if you want to use wheels from R3ngrs trucks on something you would find the file name of the tires and the Resource ID and as long as you have that mod subscribed and enabled the tires will show. There is no “stealing” of models as you do not have the source file you are only linking to a mod.


Author: MrBusses

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