Download Super HD-550: Elevation Black Edition V SnowRunner Car Mod

Super HD-550: Elevation Black Edition V for SnowRunner
Super HD-550: Elevation Black Edition V for SnowRunner

The Super HD-550 Elevation Black Edition is not a crawler but a very capable severe-duty off-road workhorse with the option to carry a single cargo unit on the included flatbed.

The HD-550 is inspired by the Elevation Off Grid: Black Edition chassis cab pickup trucks. For $185,000+ you too can purchase an OE spec 2023 F-550 with a custom pickup bed.

This mod includes many new features to my mods and SnowRunner in general…

You will find 2 versions of the Super HD-550 in the garage:
The Standard Version follows my typical tuning and setups.

    • The Vanillaish Version mimics a vanilla gameplay experience. It has default levels of damage, tire grip, rollover angle, fuel, winches, and a manual diff lock. There are also a variety of Vanillaish Engine and Gearbox tunes. All of the tunes closely follow the default SR tunes.

Keep in mind the 2023 Super Duty trucks come from the factory with a 6.7L Diesel engine offering 500hp/1,200 lb-ft. So, this truck would and should perform much better than the vintage default in-game trucks.

Taking that into consideration, all of the default engine tunes have a 20% increase in performance (I just increased the torque setting) due to modern equipment and the truck’s higher-than-average scout curb weight. All the Vanilla-ish Gearboxes have default coding to keep with the default fuel economy.

The PC version of this mod has the branding included:
There is so much branding on this mod that it just made sense to include it with the main truck. PC players still need to download the Maxx Addon Pack if they want it. Sorry console players, the NO branding on consoles is not my rule. I custom-made many Redline branded parts/textures for added authenticity on the consoles.

The Towing and Hauling experience is totally new on the Super HD-550:
The trailer hitch is animated and can be installed on the fly with the click of a button from the function’s menu. So, you no longer need to get hung up by the drop hitch when it’s not in use. You still need to choose and buy your hitch in the garage.

  • The hitches are now a combination Ball and Pintle hitch. The pintle lock can be manually activated from the function menu at any time.
  • There is also a new feature called ‘Active Tow Chassis Weight’. It’s an addon that you installed along with the Tow & Haul suspension. This is essentially a weighed bumper that can be activated on the fly from the function menu. It will shift the weight from the center of the truck to the front with the click of a button. This is great for leveling out your gooseneck trailer and flatbed cargo loads.

Alright, back to the foundation of the truck… (if you care… if not skip ahead lol)

For those who don’t know chassis cab trucks come from the factory with straight frame rails at the back which allow for multiple frame-mounted utility bed options.

The chassis cab trucks are about 4 inches longer than a standard F-250/350/450 long bed pickup truck, so to fit a pickup bed, the bed needs to be stretched 4 inches to match just like the Elevation Off Grid trucks are.

Like the EOG trucks, this mod is riding on an aftermarket LiquidSpring Smart Suspension. The coils and leaf springs are replaced by a fully active computer-controlled hydraulic setup that allows for a plush ride while keeping its 9,500lb payload.

I built the entire chassis off of the LiquidSpring blueprints and then tried to mimic the driving dynamics based on the real-life truck. IMO this is the best handling hauler I have made.

The truck also has 6 inches of instantaneous lift at the push of a button. It’s the real-life version of ShowRunner’s Active Lift…kind of cool.

To keep with the Elevation Off Grid theme, this mod is only offed with a Super Single setup in one tire size.

This is a true Super Single truck, not just a dually delete like my past mods. I specifically made new wheels and tires just for this mod too.

For further immersion, you’ll notice the disk brake rotors actually spin with the wheels and hubs. This is important with super single trucks since the rear brakes are exposed due to the large rear wheel offset.

And for even more realism, all of the wheels and tires are based on real-world products that can handle the truck’s massive payload.

Finally Wrapping Things Up:
To get the most out of this rig you’ll also want to download the Super HD-550 Maxx Addon Pack. (The Addons are listed below)

Like all of my mods, this is built with 4K/current-gen systems in mind. This is easily my most detailed and realistic-looking mod to date and it has an insane amount of detail. So, with all those details come more memory usage.

As I mentioned, there are a ton of new special features on this mod. The details can be found in the addons description in the garage.

Here’s some of what you can look forward to in the garage…
Standard Super HD-550 Truck Mod
Vanilla-ish Super HD-550 Truck Mod
Single Cargo Unit Flatbed with Animated Gooseneck Hitch Trap Door and Fold Down Side Rails
Swappable Front Grill Inserts (Lariat or Limited)
Standard Roof

Panoramic Roof with Open/Close Animated Moonroof
Open/Close Animated Hood
Open/Close Animated Windows
Open/Close Animated Tailgate with functioning straps
The Front Bumper Lights have Animated Rock Guards that can be removed on the fly
The Front and Rear brake rotors/hubs turn with the wheels
Fender Snorkel
OE Style Gooseneck Hitch works with IR’s Gooseneck Pack. (Thanks IR)
Shorty & Drop Hitches are Animated to Install/Uninstall on the fly
Shorty & Drop Hitches work as a ball or pintle hitch on the fly
Chassis Cab: Gooseneck and Receiver Hitch Option (Tow & Haul without a bed installed)
50 Gallon Auxiliary Fuel Tank for long hauls
A new 6.7L Power Stroke Turbo Diesel Engine under the hood
Dash Mounted Radar
Switch version has default SR sounds (custom sounds do not work on Switch)
Custom Paint Options with/without door graphics
Custom Paint Police theme (Lights are in the addon pack)
True Super Single wheels and tires modeled off real products.
And more…

PC-Only Branded Parts: (Part of the main truck mod on the PC version)
3 Grills with proper Fender branding (Lariat, Limited, XLT)
Super Duty Hood
Standard and Limited Ford Tailgates
Ford Steering Wheel & Super Duty Dash Logo
Power Stoke Door Emblems
Baja Designs Front Rock Guard Light Covers
And more…

Addons you’ll find in the ‘Super HD-550 Maxx Addon Pack’
2 OE Front Grill Options (Limited & XLT)
OE Limited Tailgate
Overland Bed
Overland Front Bumper
Stock Rear Bumper
Multiple Fuel Container Options
Multiple Traction Board Options
Multiple LED Light Options (Some have Animated Covers that can be removed on the fly)
Multiple Spare Tire Options
Hi-Lift Jack
Rock Sliders
Open/Close Animated Retractable Tonneau Cover
Red, White, and Blue – LED Emergency Response Roof Light Bar (for Police theme)
Orange, Yellow, and White – LED Emergency Response Roof Light Bar
And more…

Credits: Truck Model. The truck chassis, wheels, tires, many of the interior/exterior truck details, all the bed options, custom bodywork, addons, textures, and more were made by me.

BTW… It should go without saying but please do not steal or reupload any of my mods or assets. Thank you and have a nice day.

Finally, thank you to all the map makers for creating all the amazing places for us to abuse our trucks and for those amazing scenic backdrops. Massive respect for all your work, time, and creativity.


Author: JohnJohnHotRod

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