RNG WL500 Wheel Loader V Tractor for SnowRunner

RNG WL500 Wheel Loader V for SnowRunner
RNG WL500 Wheel Loader V for SnowRunner

RNG WL500 Wheel Loader: The RNG WL500 is almost a 1:1 replica of a real-life vehicle, a vehicle that can load cargo with different attachments. I’ve always wanted a wheel loader in the Snowrunner. It’s a side project that I’ve just started about a month and had the opportunity to try new techniques for the next main project. It is now possible for me to achieve much better texture quality and smooth look. This means that future mods will be much better than before. Every new mod means a new experience for me.

Creating a wheel loader in Snowrunner is quite challenging. There is no suspension on axles. And the smooth ride is nearly impossible to achieve. However, of course, it is not possible to say that wheel loaders have a smooth ride in real life. We’ve tested it extensively in order to provide you all with the most realistic experience possible in Snowrunner. I hope you will like it.

✔ Attachments (Pallet Fork, Log Grapple, Bucket, Long Fork)
✔ Custom Tire Tracks
✔ Colors Options
✔ Variety of Unique Tire Types and Configurations
✔ Driver Seat Suspension
✔ Much More..

Authors: Rng3r

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