Download Mega CAB HD V1.1.0 SnowRunner Car Mod

SnowRunner Mega CAB HD V1.1.0 mod
Mega CAB HD V1.1.0 for SnowRunner

The Mega Cab HD is available in 3 variations. All have a 6ft 4in bed.

Dually Bed with Dually Wheels: Rear Leaf Springs

Dually Bed with Super Single Wheels: Rear OE style 5-Link (2500 Power Wagon Setup)
Standard Bed with Single Wheels: Rear OE style 5-Link

The trucks will show up as different vehicles in the store so they can maintain proper SRW (single rear wheel), or DRW (dual rear wheel) chassis and tire tuning.

Each truck has a unique chassis tune, body mass, rear suspension setup, SRW or DRW mass/traction tire coding, and different axle widths.

The dual axle is narrowed so your wheels don’t stick out 2ft past the fenders with larger tires. The Super Single axles are wider to accommodate the rear wheel offset with dually fenders so no Bluetooth wheels here.

All of these truck variations share 95% of their parts IRL, and so does this mod.

To keep ram usage to a minimum for consoles the trucks have an ‘Adaptive Chassis’ setup. So only the bedside bodywork, rear suspension, and rear axle are changed to build an entirely different truck. In total, these additional parts add less than 5Mb of ram. (Not including wheels/tires)

On to the fun stuff…

The chassis was built along with lines of a stock 3500 but with some aftermarket goodness thrown into the mix.

The trucks retain their radius arm front suspension and have an adaptable rear suspension that changes based on the truck you are using. You also have the option to change the rear suspension setup in the garage between leaf springs OR coil springs.

Like my past mods, this is built with 4K / current-gen gameplay in mind.

I really wanted these trucks to match their Limited trim nameplate, so I went a bit crazy with the interior and chassis details.

If you have used my Mega Cab Runner 6-door mod, the Mega Cab HD is the same basic 3D model but I rebuilt everything.

The base truck comes with all the campaign essentials like trailer hitches, snorkels, and some other goodies.

To get the full Mega Cab HD experience make sure you download the ‘Mega Cab HD Maxx Addon Pack’ which includes some cool addons to make your Mega Cab HD a bit more custom and unique. All the parts are built with inspiration from real aftermarket parts with a majority of the pieces being from A-E-veeee (console-friendly brand name lol).

Some of the cool features you’ll see in the garage:

  • 3 versions of the 3500 truck
  • Garage swappable rear leaf or coil spring suspension
  • The rear coil spring setup has an optional swaybar
  • Addon front and rear diff guards
  • Fresh 6.7l compound turbo diesel engine (with new sounds)
  • Open/close animated hood
  • Open/close animated tailgate
  • Open/close animated retractable bed tonneau cover
  • Custom emergency response roof light bar
  • Adjustable drop hitch (works with ball and pintle hitches)
  • Oe style gooseneck hitch works with ir’s gooseneck pack. (thanks ir)
  • Dash-mounted lidar: dash radar
  • Tons of custom paint options
  • The Nintendo switch version has default sr sounds (custom sounds do not work on switch)
  • And more…

Author: JohnJohnHotRod

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