Texture Replacements V1.7.0 Textures for SnowRunner

Texture Replacements V1.7.0 for SnowRunner
Texture Replacements V1.7.0 for SnowRunner


Contains Texture Files For The Following:
Various black rims.
Grey mini cranes
Grey sideboard tray
Steel flatbed tray
Grey truck trailers
Less shiny scout trailers
Dirty CK1500

Textures must be manually installed.
1. Using WinRar, Open The Shared_textures.pak, At The Following Directory:

2. Drag the contents re-textures.zip (this mod), into the shared_textures.pak and click OK to add the files.

3. Wait for WinRar to re-pack the directory, then close WinRar.

Note: Re-packing the shared_textures.pak can take several minutes, and looks like it’s doing nothing. Just be patient and let WinRar do its thing. Remember to back up any files you modify. If all else fails, you can restore your game using the ‘verify’ function within the Epic games launcher.

Author: dolesen

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re-textures.7.zip (48 MB)
Safe to download: Check 

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