Download Risky’s Prowler The Buggy V3.0.2 SnowRunner Car Mod

SnowRunner Risky’s Prowler The Buggy V3.0.2 mod
Risky’s Prowler The Buggy V3.0.2 for SnowRunner

Hey guys, its risky. This is my first mod in SnowRunner, after taking a long break from *******. This was my first mod doing FULLY IK suspension and LINKS. Also, this is the first mod that I have made using Substance painter to texture.

This model was 90% modeled by me. Big thanks to Jons Garage for supplying the LSX engine. Each tire model came from sketchup lying around on my computer. Everything else was modeled by me. This rig was not particularly built by anything in real life. This is a totally fiction buggy.

LSX LSX 376-B8
LSX 376-B15
LSX 454

Stock Buggy
Rock Bouncer
Race Buggy
The YEET Box (just for fun, not realistic)



Boggers TSL
Pitbull Rockers
Diffuse Tires
Creepy Crawlers
Super Swampers
Tractor Tire

Offline Extended

Front and Rear Light Bar

Author: riisky

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