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Tata 1210D Truck

Tata 1210D Truck for SnowRunner

The SnowRunner game (from now on will be referred as SR) , SR _dlcs, SR _templates, SR classes, SR cargos, SR addons, SR editor, SR wheels, SR meshes, SR sounds, SR maps, SR environment, SR models, SR mod browser, all other things done and provided by Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive…. TATA Truck, TATA…

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Z2 TUZ 422X Tatata Rinrin V0.11

Z2 TUZ 422X Tatata Rinrin V0.11 for SnowRunner

Powerful remodeling Tatarin specializing in single missions. Note: This vehicle is so powerful that it may make the game boring Feature ・ Unique recovery system ・ Dedicated crane ・ 1Slot cargo ・ Powerful tank ・ Dedicated radar ・ You can adjust the center of gravity of the vehicle. ・ Jack up and turn 180 degrees

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Tata Lpta 8×8 Truck

Tata Lpta 8×8 Truck for SnowRunner

The SnowRunner game and its _dlcs, _templates, classes, cargos, addons, editor, sound, environment, models, mod browser, TATA Truck, TATA Truck Brand Name, etc.. all belong the respective owners. I do not claim any of them. I only modeled the truck , did the xml coding (based on mod_scout template available in the game folder), textured…

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