Tata 1210D Truck for SNOWRUNNER

Tata 1210D Truck for SnowRunner
Tata 1210D Truck for SnowRunner


The SnowRunner game (from now on will be referred as SR) , SR _dlcs, SR _templates, SR classes, SR cargos, SR addons, SR editor, SR wheels, SR meshes, SR sounds, SR maps, SR environment, SR models, SR mod browser, all other things done and provided by Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive…. TATA Truck, TATA Truck Brand name, TATA Logo, TATA Truck Photos & Pictures etc.. all belong their respective owners. I DO NOT CLAIM any of them. I only modelled the truck cabin and chassis parts, coded it, textured and tested the truck in the SnowRunner’s Mod Browser Proving Grounds.

Truck Has Following Animations:
✔ Steering wheel and Steering Rack
✔ Radiator fan
✔ Exhaust pipe
✔ Leaf Spring Suspension
✔ Cabin vibration (when engine is ON)
✔ Anti-static chain / earthing chain

✔ 4×2 Wheel drive
✔ Option of 4×4 drive and Differential lock. (suggested by MALLUPCGAMER)
✔ Only front wheels steered
✔ Truck has Active Suspension mode (which can be purchased in Garage)
✔ Truck fitted with single tires and dual tires
✔ Various colour presets including the original Kerala lorry colour.
✔ Truck frame available with few Frame Addons & only Trailers
✔ 6 Winch points locations.
✔ As usual I have put my Custom Addons.

SnowRunner - TATA 1210D (FD1985) Truck Driving On Mud

Author: FD1985


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tata_1210d_4x4_fd1985.zip (125 MB)
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