Z2 Vintage Tractor PZ-13 V0.1

Z2 Vintage Tractor PZ-13 V0.1 for SnowRunner

Features: Compatible with Season 8 farming Cultivator: Attached to the rear. can be lifted Seeding machine: Mounted at the rear. can be lifted Harvester: Front mounted. can be lifted The vehicle can be purchased with a trailer A small crane that can carry logs ( bonus ) Small and beautifully designed tractor Little capacity and…

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Paystar 5600TS “Harvester”

Paystar 5600TS “Harvester” for SnowRunner

After breaking down out in the oil fields this truck was brought into the shop for a major overhaul. After work was done to the engine and suspension a Custom built 4 slot flat bed was added as well as a logging rack to hold long logs. This truck now has the ability to carry…

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Whitehorse 6900 V1.1

Whitehorse 6900 V1.1 for SnowRunner

Mod Features Custom: Short and medium log cargo Medium and short log Bunk Log cabin protector with repair and fuel points Mud flaps Front and Rear Front Fender Flare Three Snorkels Full Rear Fenders Two Bumpers Energy Drink CB Antenna Visor Three Exhausts Three Custom Tire sets Tool boxes Auxiliary Fuel Tank Custom Mats Horns…

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GWC 2017 Ravine GR2 V

GWC 2017 Ravine GR2 V for SnowRunner

What is happening people? My wife asked me to build her another truck after finding a nice pic of a Colorado ZR2 online. So here we are… this Ravine is the unbranded version of Colorado and/or GMC Canyon (now the name seems clever don’t it? lol). It’s a straight piped V6 with 4 stages of…

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C.C.M 46 Take-All V1.02

C.C.M 46 Take-All V1.02 for SnowRunner

C.C.M. is proud to present The 46 Take-all, Fully restored in the Co-Core Custom shop circa 200, And beating up the trails since. Ever wonder why your grandpa loved them old war trucks? It’s because they were capable as well as reliable, and when the reliability let them down the ease of fixing it was…

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Baja Dodge Charger

Baja Dodge Charger for SnowRunner

Please note that this is my first mod and will almost certainly have some bugs and glitches. Features A small selection of front and rear bumpers, including a towbar and drawbar 2 variations of roof attachment 2 spare tire options Various suspension sets for every circumstance

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RNG HMV 4×4 Heavy Multi Purpose Vehicle V

RNG HMV 4×4 Heavy Multi Purpose Vehicle V for SnowRunner

The RNG HMV 4×4 Heavy Multi Purpose Vehicle is a 1:1 replica of a real-life vehicle. Armored version of RNG LMV vehicles. The 4×4 AWD provides you with the power you need in challenging terrain conditions. It’s also a great support vehicle with maintainers that come with the truck. And the possibility to carry cargo…

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Mega CAB Runner V

Mega CAB Runner V for SnowRunner

The Mega Cab Runner is just a fun build inspired by the Diesel Brothers (US TV show) Mega ___Runner truck. (Manufactures name removed truck for console friendliness) The DB truck is 2012 3500, that’s over 100in tall, 98in wide, running 9-ton military axles, 43in super-singles, and was proven to be a very capable trail rig….

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Pine Valley V1.2

Pine Valley V1.2 for SnowRunner

Trailing and Crawling are the main focus, but of course, I threw in a bunch of tasks. Have fun exploring. I’m still working on this map, fine tuning and adding a few other places of interest. Let me know if you see anything out of place.

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