SnowRunner Dodge Mods

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Baja Dodge Charger

Baja Dodge Charger for SnowRunner

Please note that this is my first mod and will almost certainly have some bugs and glitches. Features A small selection of front and rear bumpers, including a towbar and drawbar 2 variations of roof attachment 2 spare tire options Various suspension sets for every circumstance

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Dodge 3500 V

Dodge 3500 V for SnowRunner

Upgrades Engine: Stock12v, 12v Performance, Upgraded 12v Gearbox: Stock, Highway, Offroad Suspension: Stock, Tow, Flex, Lifted Tires: KM3, Pitbull, Trep, Boggers, Stickie, Patagonia, County Hunter Winch: Stock Frame Addons: Flatbed, Dually fenders, Lightbar, Toolbox Visuals Front Bumper: Stock, Custom1, Custom2 Fenders: Stock, Custom Exhaust: Stock Exhaust, Fender Exit Exhaust

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