SnowRunner Jeep Mods

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Jeep “Trail Pack”

Jeep “Trail Pack” for SnowRunner

Pretty simple tweak on both Jeeps. Both were pretty good power wise just needed some help in the tire area and thanks to Pog we got the best. I created a custom Stinger bumper to use on both as well as gave both truck some extra repair points in the back seat. CJ7 Raider Reduced…

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93 Jeep YJ V

93 Jeep YJ V for SnowRunner

Don’t ask if it is coming to console. Anything and everything with a brand, in the name especially, stays on PC (ex. Jeep, Dodge, Ford, Chevy) Console version will come out if and when I decide to make it. Meanwhile, convince me that Focus won’t just delete it anyway for no reason at all shortly…

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GWC Warhound V1.0.1

GWC Warhound V1.0.1 for SnowRunner

Personal project I have been picking away at between commission builds. Here I would like to present the Warhound. A vintage military based support vehicle. Built off the iconic Jeep Kaiser M715, we upgraded the axles and suspension to epic proportions. The original inline 6cyl was scrapped for a much larger, stronger diesel unit. Included…

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