Download GWC Squarebody Pack V SnowRunner Car Mod

GWC Squarebody Pack V for SnowRunner
GWC Squarebody Pack V for SnowRunner

This is something Ive been working on for quite a while. 6 months ago, someone had asked me if I could take my 1985 grill from the original G3200 mod and put it on my 1975 Step Side as an optional addon. I did make the swap and that’s what got the ball rolling. That particular update never saw the light of day publicly, but it was the catalyst for this. I reworked everything. I knew with this many configurations, I needed to optimize every part. So, what does this include exactly?

Well, we have 3 nose options. It’s not just the grill that changes, the hood and front fenders are matched to the grill because the 1975 grill is shaped differently, as are the front fenders. So, those noses are 1975, 1985, and 1990. Yes, I know in 1990, the trucks were now in the OBS phase, but the Suburbans were not, and it’s totally possible to put a 1990 Suburban nose onto an older pickup.

We also 3 body options. Long bed, single cab. Short bed, extended cab. And the Burban. Again, Im fully aware Chevy never built an extended cab pickup in this generation. There were aftermarket companies that did build extended cabs, so that’s what we are going with here.

So, 3 noses X 3 bodies = 9 possible combinations. But then just to add a little more flare and personality, you can choose between a K10/K20/K30 designation and 3 different trim options named Charlotte, Savannah, and Yosemite – Not unlike the actual Cheyenne, Scottsdale, and Silverado options that were available.

The vanilla style tires all feature custom traction values. I went this route to keep the ram use low for console players. According to the in game stats, this should only take roughly 23mb of ram. If you want additional custom tires, I am also releasing my Scout Tire Pack.

Author: Glitchworks

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