GWC 2017 Ravine GR2 V Car for SnowRunner

GWC 2017 Ravine GR2 V for SnowRunner
GWC 2017 Ravine GR2 V for SnowRunner


What is happening people? My wife asked me to build her another truck after finding a nice pic of a Colorado ZR2 online. So here we are… this Ravine is the unbranded version of Colorado and/or GMC Canyon (now the name seems clever don’t it? lol). It’s a straight piped V6 with 4 stages of upgrades available. We have the normal 3 gearboxes and 4 suspension settings. I also swapped out some of my usual vintage wheels for some additional modern styles to better match the feel of the truck. The rest of the upgrades are the usual fare we get with a GWC truck… light bars, roll bars, bumpers, etc. Hope you guys enjoy it, I put a bunch of extra work into the front suspension to hopefully get it looking better when flexing.

My apologies in advance to the console guys… this one takes up nearly 70MB of ram… it’s pretty heavy in detail and textures.

Author: Glitchworks

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Download mod (190 MB)
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