Farming Simulator 22 Release Date – What’s New in The Update?

Farming Simulator 22 Release Date – What’s New in The Update?

The Giant Software Company recently released a cinematic trailer for the upcoming version of the iconic video game “Farming Simulator”, which surely hyped players across the world. The short video offers a glimpse of the equipment and activities offered in Farming Simulator 22.

It’s expected to release shortly in the fall with support for various consoles and devices like PS4, PC, PS5, Stadia, and Xbox. There are a variety of new fs22 mods and features such as several unique crops and a host of essential equipment that make the gameplay even more engaging.

Moreover, the company has also started pre-registration of this game and offers various exciting goodies to players who place an order before the release. With the game’s preregistration, you can gain access to freemiums like “Kaweco Machines” and “Claas Xerion Saddle Trac Pack” as well.

Players are expecting to receive updates from Giants Software in the event of FarmCon, which is likely to take place around 21-23 July. You can watch the trailer on the official YouTube channel of Giant Software.

What’s New In Farming Simulator 22?

The latest version packs a whole bunch of new maps, crops, brands, machines, and a lot more. Moreover, there are even additional season cycles with scenic environments like snowy terrains, which make your gameplay even more immersive.

Along with two new maps, the existing Erlengrat map is also updated to support varying farming operations. It packs nearly 400 different tools and machines from over a hundred credible and authentic brands in the agriculture sector.

This update also aims to make tasks such as animal husbandry, agriculture, and forestry even more engaging by offering more in-depth milestones and a slew of additions, complemented with an unparalleled level of freedom to allow you to play the game on your terms.

Realism and Performance Updates in Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22 is the first independently-released title released solely by Giants Software. It’s based on Giants Engine 9 that triggers several progressions in the game, including more realistic AI and highly-textured worlds.

The update is leaned more towards making the farming experience more realistic for players. Talking about the performance, the game adds DirectX 12 support for Windows with texture streaming, threading optimization, anti-aliasing, and a lot more to offer you exceptional performance.

This also unlocks possibilities for making complex farming simulator 22 mods and personalized customizations. Additionally, there’s even an improved slot usage that allows the game to perform better on consoles as well.

Final Words

With the official release date being announced for Farming Simulator 22, the fans certainly can’t wait to get their hands on the latest version of the game. If you’re also waiting for the update to release, make sure you’ve completed the pre-registration of the game to enjoy several exciting goodies and freebies.

This version offers you a more realistic farming experience with access to a variety of machinery and vehicles. Therefore, make sure that you get your hands on Farming Simulator 22 as soon as it releases.

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