FS22 System Requirements – Can I Play This Game on My Device?

Farming Simulator 22 Release Date – What’s New in The Update?

With the announcement for the release of Farming Simulator 22, players from all over the world are pretty excited to get their hands on the latest version. This update packs a whole bunch of features and equipment to offer you a satisfactory gameplay experience.

According to several sources, the 22nd iteration of the game will possibly include new maps, better vehicles, and unique tactics. Moreover, as per the official press release by Giant Software, several performances and stability updates are also added to the game.

With that said, Farming Simulator 22 mods not only makes the farming experience more realistic but also require additional computational power to function properly. To make sure that the game works smoothly on your system, you need to make sure your system specifications are sufficient enough.

This article will walk you through the minimum and recommended system requirements to allow the game to function properly. Therefore, make sure you read on to determine whether your device is capable of running this game or not.

Farming Simulator 22 Minimum System Requirements

The Farming Simulator 22 is based on Giants Engine 9 with support for DirectX 12 in Windows operating systems. You need to have Windows 10 (64 Bit) with either AMD FX-8320 or Intel Core i5-3330 or higher to be able to install the game.

Moreover, it also requires a minimum RAM of 8 GB with AMD Radeon R7 265, GeForce GTX 660, or a better graphic card, along with a bare minimum of 2 GB VRAM. There’s also a minimum disk space requirement of 35 GB for a successful installation.

Farming Simulator 22 System Requirement for Mods

As you may already know, mods have the capability to transform the game to a great extent and include new functionality for an even better experience. A lot of mods are oriented towards enhancing the graphic quality of the game as well, which exerts more burden on your computer.

Moreover, as the new gaming engine also supports DirectX 12 for Windows Operating System, there are possibilities for transformational mods that can completely change your gameplay to a noticeable extent.

However, if you have the aforementioned specifications in your system, you should not find any difficulty in installing any of the mods. The minimum requirements are sufficient enough to support varying mods in the game.

Bottom Line

The biggest update in Farming Simulator 22 is the changing weather cycle that toggles several scenic atmospheres in the game for an even immersive experience. It’s the first time something like this can be seen in this iconic video game title.

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