Beta | Ford Explorer V1.2

Beta | Ford Explorer V1.2 for

P.S: Those who like our idea with police cars will be able to purchase it in the final version in the future P.P.S: THIS MOD IS UNDER DEVELOPMENT, WE HAVE PROVIDED ACCESS EXCLUSIVELY IN A TEST FORM In general, what is planned for further improvements? ◈ There Will Be A Kind Of Chandeliers “lightbar” ◈…

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Audi A6 C7 [0.28]

Audi A6 C7 [0.28] for

Working lighting equipment; 45 configurations; Your wheels; Good damage; Glass breaks; Developed engine; Detailed housing + PBR; Detailed interior + PBR; Animated turn signals on some versions. Fixed 2.8fsi_quattro_dct7_s line,2.0tfsi_m6 configs Better Exhaust Jbeam New Thumbnails

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Valo City V0.74 [0.28]

Valo City V0.74 [0.28] for

This map is a direct port of the city “Valo” from the game Street Legal Racing: Redline. I started in November 2019 as a free time, however as I got less and less free time, progress slowed down and eventually stopped. No work has been done on it in the last 3 years. At the…

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