ALL MP Vehicles In SP

ALL MP Vehicles In SP for Grand Theft Auto V

The mod adds all the vehicles from GTA Online into GTA 5. You can find the new cars in parking lots throughout Los Santos and Blaine County. All the content from GTA Online is added, including air and water vehicle, except for vehicles from early updates that are available in single player (SP). Over 100…

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Luxury Home Defense [Controller Supported]

Luxury Home Defense [Controller Supported] for Grand Theft Auto V

🌟 Info Have you ever wanted to have bodyguards for your house/custom house? this mod is for you, this mod allows you to create your own custom outfit bodyguards with the desired positions. 🌟 Features ⭐Add as many bodyguards as you want, no limitations. ⭐Automatically generated settings file, with the option to change bodyguards settings…

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Gold Cartier Crash Watch [Add-On]

Gold Cartier Crash Watch [Add-On] for Grand Theft Auto V

The famous Cartier Crash watch, working for male and female MP characters. These are under Accessories (Necklaces, Scarfs, etc) You are are free to modify this file as you see fit if you want to convert it into a prop. I’m not a clothing designer, but I thought I’d release this to contribute to one…

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Enable ALL Interiors (WIP) V17.0

Enable ALL Interiors (WIP) V17.0 for Grand Theft Auto V

Enable All Interiors or EAI, is a mod to enable All interiors in GTAV, this mod will be a full replacement for the following mods Open All Interiors Online Interiors Open Command Center Interiors (Still needed if your using Working Avenger, Working MOC, Working Terobyte, or their Business Mod Conterpart) Open 60 Car Garage to…

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2021 Modern Mansion [Mapeditor] 3.0

2021 Modern Mansion [Mapeditor] 3.0 for Grand Theft Auto V

Hey! This is my first map that I’m sharing. Wish I knew how to make MLOs but this is the best I could do. Maybe someone can remake this as MLO? Anyways, Please make sure to install ALL requirements! REQUIREMENTS: Menyoo Mod Menu/Object Spooner OpenIV Map Builder Map Editor Script Hook V Script Hook V…

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MP Male Side CUT Short Hair V1.66

MP Male Side CUT Short Hair V1.66 for Grand Theft Auto V

The location where the file will be installed is written in the same way, I leave it here, if there is a problem, feel free to let me know. installation path mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks > mpgunrunning > dlc.rpf > x64>models > cdimages > mpgunrunning_male.rpf > mp_m_freemode_01_mp_m_gunrunning_hair_01

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