ULTIMATE LOGGING MAP V1.1 for Farming Simulator 2019

A remake of the 3 Rivers logging card, originally created by BeardShot Gaming.The terrain and the forest are completely redone!This card allows crop pruning, thinning, clear cutting, felling in the mountains and everything else. Authors: BeardShot Gaming (Original map Creator), RGC Honor Realist (Advice), RGC Discord (Beta Testing), Mike LeBlanc (Trees and Advice), BillyBob aKa…

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SLOVAK VILLAGE for Farming Simulator 2019

Fictional map based on real life in the Slovak Republic Pastures (cows, sheep, pigs, chickens) built into the map for the New Farmer mode. Can be soldLarge detailed farm for New Farmer mode. In Farm Manager and Start from Scratch modes, you can build whatever you want.Prepared a detailed farmhouse in the New Farmer mode,…

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SZT 5 for Farming Simulator 2019

Trailed drill. Bunker capacity: 2000 l (800 l fertilizer, 1200 seed). Working width: 5.4 m, working speed: 16 km/h. Required tractor power: 80 h/p. Washable.

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Strautmann Magnon 560 DO

Strautmann Magnon 560 DO for Farming Simulator 2019

Strautmann Magnon 560 DOOriginalmod Krone ZX 560 GD by Giants SoftwareLevel display (selectable with / without display)Tire selection (Trelleborg, Michelin, Lizard Rotation)Rim color choice (red, gray, silver and black)Logo at the rear selectableCover selectableFBM license plateBaywa, sticker addedCFS logo added to the bottom of the pickup

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Paus TSL 8.7 V1.1

Paus TSL 8.7 V1.1 1

Paus TSL 8.7 is the first and only telescopic swivel loader in Farming Simulator. It stands out with its combination of articulated steering and the 180° swivelling telescopic lifting arm. These features and the extreme maneuverability makes the TSL 8.7 from Paus a truly multipurpose machine even in the narrowest environments.

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Placeable Metal Gates And Fences V2.1

Placeable Metal Gates And Fences V2.1 for Farming Simulator 2019

This set includes two placeable gates with function, a swing gate and a sliding gate. Swing gate:Price: 1500 €Upkeep: 4 € / daySize: 10m Sliding gate:Price: 1500 €Upkeep: 4 € / daySize: 10m V2.0.0.0added metal fencesadded missing shadows of some objectscollision performance optimizationmade placing of the gates easierchanged upkeep costs

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Fendt Farmer 100 v1.1

Fendt Farmer 100 v1.1 for Farming Simulator 2019

This vintage pack includes:Fendt Farmers 102s, 103s, 104s, 105s, 106s, and 108sFendt Farmer 102sa, 103sa, 104sa, 105sa, 106sa, and 108sa What was done: LS19 texture Pedals and circuit animated Farmer partially revised Revised roof Start / stop switch and warning light switch animated. PTO animated New rear hydraulics installed Door and hood to open via…

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2018 Mack Anthem 48 Sleeper

2018 Mack Anthem 48 Sleeper 2

Power: 345, 355, 365, 395, 425, 445, 505h/p speed: 140 km/h color selection (main, rims, design) saddle adjustment (LMB) choice of engines, wheels and design animation dashboard dynamic hoses light washable

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