TUZ 420 Drst ANT CG Vehicle for SnowRunner

TUZ 420 Drst ANT CG for SnowRunner
TUZ 420 Drst ANT CG for SnowRunner


CG Coop Game
There Is Already Known TUZ 420 DRST Ant For Coop Game!


It will replace your original TUZ 420

Changes From TUZ 420 Ant :
Added special gearbox and engine
Remove cargo function
All others are default

Install manually.
1.Download MOD file.
3.Unrar all files to [Your drive]:[Game folder]SnowRunner/en/_us/preload/paks/client/initial.pak/media

Also, You can use detailed instruction from youtube.
It’s on test mode, so please give you feedback, how its work.

All Your Comments And Recommendation Are Welcome!

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