Download TUZ 420 Tatarin JBE V1.2 SnowRunner Vehicle Mod

TUZ 420 Tatarin JBE V1.2 for SnowRunner
TUZ 420 Tatarin JBE V1.2 for SnowRunner

This was suggested to me by a few people and one person said “do something that is almost impossible to stop” and I said sure why not. I actually had fun tweaking this tuz 420. This tuz 420 is not for everyone. Like my other tweaked vehicles, I will be adjusting this truck if needed.

Any custom assets contained in this mod package are the protected intellectual property of the artist. They are used in this package with explicit license extension for this use. DO NOT attempt to utilize them in any way in your own mods. Violation of this can and has led to account bans, and further actions will be taken as necessary.

Tweak List:

  • JBE 9 gears transmission added to gearbox options
  • Added a level tow hitch for scout and regular trailers (no semitrailers)
  • Adjusted engine specs. Stock engine was weak. 5 engine options now (Engine 5 is possibly OP)
  • Replaced the Tuz 420 sounds with Kolob 74760 sounds and the horn with the P16 horn.
  • Increased fuel capacity to 150 gallons (Increased fuel capacity on the roof racks and Addons)
  • Added a few more paint colors
  • Added more wheel/tire options (I did adjust some tires to handle better, JBE wheels)
  • Converted the front to accept dual tires.
  • Added Quasimiyao wheel/tire option
  • Adjusted stock suspension + added a few JBE suspensions setups. Included Active suspension to this build
  • More Miscellaneous items (In cab supplies, side lights, roof lights, spare tires)
  • Added 2 Loadstar Flashers. (1 basic flasher, 1 red and blue flasher)
  • Added an Autonomous Winch. (Longer and Stronger)
  • Added 2 additional winch spots near the back
  • HID headlights.
  • Added side backup lights. Light up when backing up
  • All LEDS are addons
  • Handbrake is connected to front and rear
  • Adjusted brake delay, so you stop quicker

7.24.22 Updates 1.2

  • File cleanup
  • File update
  • Changed some wheel names
  • CoM minor adjustment
  • Added fine-tune to JBE gearbox

Author: Jayboosted

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