The TUZ Tank 1.1.2 Vehicle for SNOWRUNNER

The TUZ Tank 1.1.2 for SnowRunner
The TUZ Tank 1.1.2 for SnowRunner

A Modified TUZ-420 With:
47″ Tayga wheels
Offroad-Gearbox with a faster High-Gear
Snorkel for easier water traversal
The ability to tow tongue trailers

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If you have the infinite loading circle problem, want to use this mod in multiplayer, or want to install it manually, there is a FIle under releases called It is to be used in the initial.pak to replace the in-game TUZ-420.

Manual Install
To install Manually, Close your game, Download

Go to the game directory: SnowRunneren_uspreloadpaksclient and open “initial.pak” with winrar. Inside initial.pak go to “initial.pak[media]classes”

Open your, extract the .pak inside it.

Open TUZ_replace.pak, open the classes folder, and copy the contents of “TUZ_replace.pakclasses” and place it into “initial.pak[media]classes”

Start Your Game Back Up And Enjoy The New TUZ Tank!

5/7/2020 -Version 1.1.2:
Added All Paint options made by AQ-TEAM

5/7/2020 Version Replace.1.0.1:
Replaced Horn_2 with Snorkel so that Snorkel works for Replace Version.

5/7/2020 Version 1.0.2:
Added all available paint options.

5/6/2020 Version 1.0.1:
Reduced Price to just over Original TUZ_420 price.

Author: PotatoeComrade



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