Which truck simulator is the best?

Which truck simulator is the best?

Do you wanna know which truck simulator is the best? Technology has completely revolutionized the gaming sector, nowadays there are numerous games available with different concepts so you might get muddled while choosing the best one. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a fun purpose or want to pursue your career in trucks. Truck simulator games help in kicking off your journey. These games help to understand truck driving concepts in a better way. In today’s article, we are going to discuss the best truck simulator games. Excited? I know you are ? so without any ado let us know about the best truck simulator games.


Basically, SnowRunner is an off-roading simulation game where you have to drive and control off-road vehicles in terrain conditions. In this game, time is not your enemy but climatic conditions are. Not only terrain conditions and time, but you also have to face numerous hurdles in the game. Unlike other simulator games, SnowRunner is quite hard to play, it’s more than just delivering cargos. So if you are looking for a challenging yet enjoyable truck simulator game then you are good to go with SnowRunner.


ETS 2 also known as Euro truck simulator 2 is another great simulator game to play. You can get real truck driving experience in this game. Although it was released in 2012 it’s still a great simulator game to have fun with. In ETS 2, you have to choose a truck, Pickup, and deliver cargos to numerous locations. Picking and delivering cargos might sound easy, but the challenging part is reversing. Furthermore, while progressing in the game, you can also purchase numerous powerups. All in all Euro truck simulator 2 is a  great game to play.

Euro Truck Evolution

If you wanted to play a real-world Truck simulator game then the Euro truck Evolution is worth trying out. The graphics of this game is just out of the box (it seems like you are driving a real truck ?). The best part of this game is while completing tasks you also earn, you can use those earnings to upgrade your truck and overhaul your rigs. You can also drive on numerous tracks including terrains, offroad, countryside tracks, etc. Moreover, don’t forget to test out your driving skills in multiplayer mode.

Heavy Truck Simulator

If you are looking for a mobile simulator then don’t miss a chance to try out a Heavy truck simulator. The game includes various realistic elements like you need to fuel up your truck if you are running out of fuel, If you drive on a bumpy road you will feel the impact on the luggage, etc. All these realistic elements make the game more fascinating and challenging. The game has a huge inventory of trucks and tracks that adds up extra elements and makes the game interesting. All in all, Heavy truck driver is a great game to spend your spare time with.

Wrapping Up

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did enjoy it don’t hesitate to share it with your gaming buddies. In my opinion, Snow runner is quite an interesting and challenging game that makes it the best truck simulator game. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to explore other games and if you’ve got any sort of queries regarding any game, you can freely ask me in the comments section.

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