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Lexus LX600 2022 Modellista [Add-On / Fivem]

Lexus LX600 2022 Modellista [Add-On / Fivem] for Grand Theft Auto V

How To Install (Add-on) : 1 – Drag the ‘mobm23’ folder to mods (if you are using OpenIV ASI) updatex64dlcpacks 2 – Open ‘OPENIV’ in EDIT mode, then go to : mods ( if you using OpenIV ASI) updateupdate.rpfcommondata 3 – and add the following lines to the following lines in dlclist.xml file: dlcpacks:/moolx600mod/ 4…

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Lexus LC 500

Lexus LC 500 for Grand Theft Auto V

Spawn the vehicle with a trainer using the model name: lc500 Polygons: 186,701 Vertices: 146,681 This Mod works best with a Wheel Fitment Script. FiveM Installation: ✔ place the lc500 folder into your server’s resources. ✔ Then in your Server or Resource cfg do start or ensure “lc500” SP Installation: Add the “lc500” folder to…

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