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More Gore

More Gore for Grand Theft Auto V

Overview: This mod is similar to BUUBURN and ZiPPO RAID’s Roadkill mod but now works with any vehicle driven by any ped, falls/collisions and explosions! The mod also includes bleeding from individual bones. This means shooting someone in their right hand will create blood on the ground below that hand. Bleed rates are based on…


Zolika1351’s Trainer

Zolika1351’s Trainer for Grand Theft Auto V

The most powerful trainer from IV, now in V! A lot of work was put into this mod, specifically to use the least amount of natives possible, and to add brand new functions by reverse engineering the game itself rather than messing with said natives. Most of the code has been totally rewritten from the…


Naruto Script

Naruto Script for Grand Theft Auto V

Installation: ✔ With Openiv drag “Naruto Mod Installer.oiv” to the root of GTA. ✔ Select install to mods folder. Controls(Default): ✔ Open Menu: H ✔ Melee: Right Mouse Button ✔ Grab & Throw: R ✔ Select Jutsu: Mouse Scroll ✔ Activate Jutsu: Left Mouse Button INI Edits: There are many ini options available in NarutoMod/INI-Files….


Vehfuncs V1.11

Vehfuncs V1.11 for Grand Theft Auto V

An extensively customizable script mod for V that adds support for many different types of brand new car behaviors. Here are just some of the possibilities that this mod can already be used for: ✔ Pedals ✔ Analog dials ✔ Windshield wipers ✔ Handbrake ✔ Sequential shifter ✔ Fans Current list of options (multiple of…


The Union Depository Heist

The Union Depository Heist for Grand Theft Auto V

The Union Depository Heist allows you of course, rob the Union Depository. Note: During the development of this mod I found out how to make the “Tap A to quickly grab the cash” from GTA Online, so no longer will the looting anims play them selves out automatically, now you need to tap a button…


Player Companion 1.2 (Controller Support, Bugfix)

Player Companion 1.2 (Controller Support, Bugfix) for Grand Theft Auto V

Player Companion is an expanded version of Hunk’s Buddy Control, re-written from scratch, the mod allows you to have a bodyguard/friend/girlfriend in GTAV, hangout with your Companion to unlock new activities with a high enough reputation you will unlock new activities, Yoga, Arm Wresling, Private Dance and much more, when not on a date or…


PED Status – Health And Armor Display V1.2.0

PED Status – Health And Armor Display V1.2.0 for Grand Theft Auto V

This mod displays ped health and armor bars, replicating the style of GTA V’s UI. These can be shown as a summary of selected peds on the screen, and/or above their heads when targeted by the player. Model names and custom names can be defined in the config. You can quickly assign custom names using…


Lock Picking (Controller Support) V1.1

Lock Picking (Controller Support) V1.1 for Grand Theft Auto V

This mod adds a lockpicking minigame when attempting to steal locked cars. Textures and script are created by me. Requirements ScriptHookV ScriptHookVDotNet Installation ✔ drop Lockpicking.dll, Lockpicking.pdb, and the DanIsTheMan262 folder in your scripts folder. Changelog v1.0 – Release v1.1 – You can now quit lock picking.


Smooth Driving V1.01

Smooth Driving V1.01 for Grand Theft Auto V

This modification enhances keyboard and mouse driving in Grand Theft Auto V, by smoothing out throttle, brake and steering, providing a cruise control feature with auto-follow, and other miscellaneous improvements such as engine control, fuelling, etc. Aggressive driving is still possible, either by double-tapping W/S, or enabling race mode (detailed user guide included in download)….