GTA V Weapons mods

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Glock 17 – Animated

Glock 17 – Animated for Grand Theft Auto V

✔ High Quality Textures & Models ✔ Animated ✔ Lined up Iron Sights (requires weapons.meta editing, values included in download / pistol replace does not have this) ✔ Lined up Vanilla Attachments ✔ Replaces Combat Pistol & Pistol SP Install [mods] > Update > x64 > dlcpacks > patchday8ng > dlc.rpf > x64 > models…


TX-15 DML From Escape From Tarkov V1.2

TX-15 DML From Escape From Tarkov V1.2 for Grand Theft Auto V

Features: ✔ Animated ✔ Textures in HQ ✔ Attachments: ✔ Eotech Exps3 with G33 Magnifier ✔ Pmag 40rnd and Hk gen2 PM 30rnd ✔ Magpul Afg foregrip ✔ Ultrafire flashlight ✔ Surefire flash hider (Flat Muzzle Brake in-game) Bugs: None Installation pathes in readme Changelog: v1.1 – Fixed textures and fixed first person scope offset…


Thermal Katana

Thermal Katana for Grand Theft Auto V

Since the rocky release of CP77, the devs “forgot” to implement correctly the Thermal Katana, and in-game it’s unobtainable ATM. I thought I’ll bring it to GTA V.The model is unlocked, feel free to do whatever you want with it, just credit, where it’s due. Replaces the Machette


GUN Sounds Overhaul

GUN Sounds Overhaul for Grand Theft Auto V

Credits Goes To These Badass Mafacas! HardcoreLiberal for giving me sounds from Russian made guns and JoarE for sick Regular Pistol sound effect and me. (most sound effects were added and edited by myself because of length and for not sounding loud enough for this game)