LOS Santos Dealerships Script for GTA 5

LOS Santos Dealerships for Grand Theft Auto V
LOS Santos Dealerships for GTA 5


This mod aims to add all dealerships to Los Santos, like Premium Deluxe Motorsport, Hayes Autos, Larry RV Sales and etc, all Vehicles are sorted into their own categories, you can customize each vehicle before you buy it, and you can open the door, trunk, and hood

Now, you can also do Test Drive for 2 (two) minutes, and it’s free
Location for Test Drive

  • Premium Deluxe Motorsport
  • Sanders Motorcycles
  • Paleto Truck Sales
  • Larry RV Sales
  • Hayes Autos

This mod is inspired from Luxury Autos Dealership by HKH191, Custom Dealership by DJ-LEXX, and Premium Deluxe Motorsport by Im Not Mental

1. scripthookv & Scripthookvdotnet
2. LemonUI

3. HKHModHelperNew.dll and folder
4. Enable All Interiors by HKH191, it’s needed for Premium Deluxe Motorsport, so you can enter the building

Installation Instructions
Drag LSDealerships.dll, LSDealerships.pdb and LSDealerships folder into scripts

initial release


  • Vehicle moves in Car preview fixed, the vehicle should not move anymore


  • Test Drive, and problem on some code are fixed

Special Thanks for HKH191, for helping to create this mod

Authors: Patgou12, HKH191

Incorrect? Let us know!

Download mod

551c0e-LSDealerships_v120.zip (183 KB)
Safe to download: Check 

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